Trip Tracker Service – Making Women Travelers Feel Safer

July 5, 2014 at 4:20 am

Our memories of that late evening are vivid! It was last year, just a week to go for International Women’s Day on 8th March 2013. We were brainstorming on what unique offer we could come up with to make our lady customers feel special. We were looking for cutting edge ideas, beyond the usual discount offers, and provide some unique value-added feature. When we started our services 6 years back, each Meru cab was equipped with GPS, GPRS and we tracked our cabs 24×7. This gave a great sense of security to women passengers and we had a very loyal female customer base that felt safe traveling in a Meru.

However, in view of certain gruesome incidents, there was still a heightened concern on women’s safety across the country. This had caused a lot of panic and anxiety for families of women who were traveling alone. They would constantly try calling her and track her whereabouts. This gave us an idea. We decided to extend our location information gathered through GPS, GPRS and launch the Trip-Tracker service, which could provide some relief to the family members.

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How does this work? While booking a cab, an option is made available to the customer to provide a ‘Tracking Number’ once. For subsequent bookings, the tracking number (that belongs to a family member/friend) gets an SMS with details of cab location and journey status at the beginning and the end of the trip and also every 15 minutes during the journey. This alternative number is stored in the customer’s personal account and can be activated or deactivated at any time through the call center or website. This value-added service is absolutely free for the customer.

As soon as it was launched, the response that we received from customers was absolutely overwhelming. We received hundreds of encouraging responses appreciating this timely solution. As the service was aimed at women customers, we were pleasantly surprised when many customers told us that they also used the service for youngsters or elders traveling alone. In a period of one year, over 600,000 customers registered and actively used this feature. We were gratified that a whopping 42% of the trips tracked were from Bangalore followed by 27% from Delhi amongst the 7 cities that Meru operates in.
Introducing this service meant a key feature was added to Radio Cab services. We were delighted that we had been able to instill a sense of security among our women travelers!

Here are some heart-warming testimonials from users of this service:

Dear Customer Care Officer, I am Dr Karnan, regular user of Meru cabs in most of your serviced metros. Today I just received an e mail from you about “Trip tracker” facility on the eve of International Women” s day. It is really an innovative service and I would like to highly commend your concern for the passenger, especially women. Please continue some more innovative ideas to bring more smile & satisfaction to the customers. Keep it up & cheers!
– P Karnan

My cab arrived well in advance, though i had booked my cab pretty late in the night. I’m very happy with the service and the trip tracker messages. It would definitely make us feel safe to travel with your cabs.
– Sangeetha

I liked the service a lot: trip tracker, cab receipt on mail.. well done Meru cabs.. hope to receive such a service for a long time..
– Raja

A great service: easy to use and informative. Adding a trusted mobile no to the trip tracker is a welcome step as well as the availability of bill online for future record & reference.
– Sanjay