For women, of women, by women: the Meru Eve experience

January 23, 2015 at 9:47 am

It’s time for the Indian woman to rise and shine.
With women contributing a significant portion of the Indian workforce, they feel empowered, unafraid to voice their views, and claim a very justified role that has been denied to them for too long.

However, every revolution has some ugly cons; dealing with them is as important as the revolution itself. With more and more women out on Indian roads and in the workforce, their safety has become a pressing need of the hour. And the challenge is of a complex nature. In an era in which ugly truths of the abuse of women thrive throughout the country, they do need a public transport system that is by them, of them and for them, true to the tenets of a decent democracy.

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Welcome to Meru Eve

Keeping this in mind, Meru has launched Meru Eve in the National Capital Region (soon to expand to other areas of the country), which promises to play its own part in ensuring women’s safety on Delhi roads. With strong support of the Delhi Police, this brand new cab service promises to bring safe, reliable and professional transport to women – driven by women.

All women drivers recruited for the service have received training in aspects of safety, self defence, emergency procedures and consumer etiquettes. The cab itself is equipped with a ‘Himmat’ app, panic buzzer, pepper sprays, speed dial and helpline numbers. The idea is to ensure safety for both the passenger(s) and the driver.
Operational timings are between 6 a.m – 9 p.m.

How Meru Eve works

Meru Eve will be assigned when a female customer books through the Meru mobile app: www.merucabs/mobile or calls on 44224422 and asks for ‘Meru Eve’. The service is only for female passengers, who may be accompanied by male passengers.

The cab is highly recognizable with distinctive pink bumpers, branding stickers and the distinguishable logo.

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A road of new possibilities

Since we’re still at the expanding stage, the availability maybe limited in certain areas. However, the fleet size will soon be increased, and we’ll take the service to other Indian metros.

At Meru Cabs, we believe in contributing to society in addition to building brand value and business. It makes us proud of the fact that the service aims to improve travelling experience for working women and also empowers women chauffeurs with increased job opportunities. Sarita Dixit, our 22 year old chauffeur-partner, says that she expects her income to jump, as the demand for women drivers increases throughout Indian cities.

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In the end, we’re confident that we’ll be successful in our endeavour to make road travel a safe, delightful, and affordable experience for India.