Looking back, and ahead!

May 2, 2014 at 9:23 am


I have been associated with Meru for over two and a half years. Although the organization has been in operation for more than 7 years now, whenever I speak to consumers, it feels like the brand has been around for several decades.  Paying compliments, voicing their grievances, discussing issues threadbare: Our consumers seem to have developed a close bond with the brand.

Why a Meru blog? Because we thought it is important for our valued consumers to know about our journey and also engage with us actively as they are the source of our inspiration. When I first got associated with Meru, I was trying to figure out what worked in the organization, and what needed improvement. I clearly felt that the brand had huge potential; it had become a synonym for radio taxi…a generic nomenclature just like “Dalda” for every vanaspati, or “Xerox” for photocopy. I wonder which other brand in this service segment has been able to do the same!?

Meru has a large consumer base and though some of our customers have had mixed experiences with the brand, they have all trusted and believed in it. They’ve always wished this brand to succeed.

However, many things had to be worked upon in order to excel – like our relationship with the chauffeurs, cab quality, and process efficiency so that we could fulfil the promise we make, “Rely on Us.”


The services were launched with 50 cabs in April, 2007

The services were launched with 50 cabs in April, 2007


As a team we came up with the “5 C’s” strategy to holistically change what we had been doing thus far.

The 5 C’s stand for:

Consumer – Our source of inspiration and pride

Chauffeur – The real face of Meru

Cab – The real experience: “where the rubber hits the road”

Call Centre – The processes and IT system that make it work

Crew – “Our People”, who work 24X7, 365 days to make this happen…

This strategy has really helped us focus and act, as well as measure our progress and milestones. In the last 7 years, we have learnt a lot and improved in many areas. However, as the age-old saying goes, success is not something you arrive at and rest, for there will always be new challenges to overcome. In an industry where the touchstones of service excellence are constantly evolving, we have realized that the only way to continuously excel is to compete against our own achievements and raise the bar of excellence to a new height, each time.

Last year, we rolled out our services in 3 new cities.


The launch of Meru services in Chennai

The launch of Meru services in Chennai


This year, as we embarked on a new journey, we set ourselves the goal of putting 100,000 cars on the road and serving 500,000 CONSUMERS EVERYDAY by 2025.

This blog is dedicated to all the people who have made us what we are today…and we know that we need to be faster, higher, and stronger!  Please keep reading and posting your views and comments for they will help us realize our dreams of making road travel convenient, effortless, and as smooth as silk.

Happy browsing!

Siddhartha Pahwa

Chief Executive Officer

Meru Cabs