Go Trip-ing with Meru Outstation

February 16, 2021 at 1:03 pm

Post-Covid, travelling has seen a major shift. Road trips are now the new vogue to explore places ensuring safety. While they are fun and adventurous, road trips require maximum planning. In addition to shortlisting the destination, there are many other things one must plan like – the best route to travel by, road conditions, and many other such scenarios.

Here are some tips that will help make your road trip a memorable one:

  1. Destination:

The diverse geography of our country offers a plethora of destinations to select from. Prefer destination that is pragmatic, safe and fun.

  • Weather:

Choosing perfect weather is very important while on a road trip. Make sure you thoroughly research the climatic conditions so that you can make the most of the destination you are planning for

  • Route:

The destination that you have shortlisted can be reached via multiple routes. Make sure you select the best possible route- the one with breathtaking views. Keep in mind that you also research well about the road conditions en route

  • Ride:

After you have chalked out your destination, weather conditions and route, now you need to figure out your mode of transportation. With multiple options available, you can choose to book a cab so that you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, play games while humming your favourite songs. Book well in advance to avail of any early bird discounts

  • Pre-Book your Accommodation:

Booking your stay well in advance will allow you to plan your excursions and will also avoid any last-minute fiascos.

  • Food:

No road trip is fun without snacking. Carry dry food items that will not spoil and aren’t messy for you to eat. Over and above food, make sure your food kit includes liquids that will aid in hydration but not too much that you need to break quite often

  • Essentials:

You never know what you need and when you need it. In these pandemic times, make sure you carry extra masks and sanitiser bottles to ensure safety

So, what are you waiting for? Shortlist a destination and book a Meru cab to your favourite destination.