Energy Saver Mode – ON

April 25, 2018 at 12:51 pm

On World Earth Day, Meru announced launch of its electric fleet, Meru Electric. Started with green fuel journey 11 years back from Mumbai, we at Meru are taking yet another step towards improvising travel infrastructure in the country.

We are rigorously working on advancing our technology and bringing innovation in travel services. Constantly looking for ways to enhance customer experience, help driver partners to provide better services and improve industry practices, are the three prime objectives here.

Alternate Energy

Considering increase in Environmental concerns and reducing availability of petrol, diesel etc. experts say, it was never an “if” but “when” to shift towards alternate sources of energy. A report from NITI Aayog quotes, “Making India’s passenger mobility shared, electric, and connected can cut its energy demand by 64% and carbon emissions by 37%”. And being pioneers of Indian cab industry, we are adapting our fleet to support the initiative.

Customer’s personal pilot test

Launch of Electric Vehicle (EV) is our one such move to transform the way a customer commutes daily. Reports suggest that Indian consumer has concerns on operating range of EVs, and awareness on support infrastructure (Charging point, Battery life etc.) is still lacking. We hear from our driver-partners that car performance, maintenance and comfort are among top 5 conversations that consumers are willing to have. It is observed that in-cab experience is the guinea-pig for customers’ personal car purchase decision. And unlike one time test-drives, now with Meru Electric you can experience the comfort of Sedan in EVs as many times as you want.

Energy Saver Mode - ONWhat to expect next

This pilot project is started from Hyderabad, our favorite beta test city. Based on learning from this pilot project, we shall expand this initiative to induct more vehicles in our network in other cities that we operate in. Over the next 4 years, we intend to move a significant part of our fleet to EVs.

So Hyderabadis, booking a Meru for local or airport travels? Now expect a shiny Mahindra eVerito waiting for you or simply look around the streets and catch the new kid on board.